In August 2013 I released a free EP on Bandcamp called Who Is Synthia?. Exactly four years later, after an abrupt announcement on TDNT Facebook page, I removed it. One reason I got rid of it is that I am currently reworking a couple of songs from the EP for inclusion on a new album. Another reason was that I’m not really philosophically aligned with giving music away for free. And I guess I like finite things.

To those who downloaded the EP, thank you! I hope you will enjoy the new versions of some of these songs that will appear on my next album. In a way, it was actually William Shakespeare’s fault I pulled the EP. Myself and Will had a lot of discussions about our collaboration after the fact. I wish I could remember how he put it, he has such a way with words. Anyway, he persuaded me to re-record Who Is Silvia? with piano and guitars instead of beeps and squeaks. Shakespeare just can’t get his head around electronica, he’s kind of old school. He always liked the jazzy chords and the vocal melody, he just wanted to hear the song played on honest-to-God musical instruments he could recognise. I can respect that. A lot of people think he’s been dead for years, he just keeps a low profile. He’s selective about who he collaborates with. I’m pretty honoured, truth be told.

Thanks Willie

Once I revamped Who Is Silvia?, I wanted to hear what Genius Geneticist sounded like with electric guitars instead of sines and saws. And these songs kind of informed some of the new material I was writing. Before I knew it, I had an album on my hands. I don’t know when or how I will release this new album. But in the meantime, I decided to pull the EP. If you were cool enough to get it while it was readily available, now you have something rare and exclusive.