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Life Imitating Art

I could record an E.P. with 4 different versions of this song, I’ve threatened to do it. I have a few different versions, I made a couple of piano instrumentals and a muzak version for another Emmet O’Brien short film A Novel Approach To Dating. The song pre-dates the film by a few years, I think Emmet liked how the lyrics seemed to suit the film’s meta sensibility, with the exclamative chorus beginning “Let’s get meta”. It’s a weird song musically as well as lyrically. It’s a waltz for twelve beats and then it rests for four beats to make up sixteen, going from a waltz to a quirky rearranged 4/4 song in the space of 4 bars. Or was that 5 bars? It’s actually quite tricky. It could be described as a self-hating waltz. I think these lyrics are some of my best. If I do say so myself. Which I do, somewhat self-consciously. “All this life imitating art… don’t look at me!”

Same Old Song & Dance

I recorded the soundtrack for Emmet O’Brien‘s short film Same Old Song & Dance. The scenes were illustrated by Cethan Leahy and then I animated the drawings. Fun project. More on that in the ‘Video’ section. This is the ‘Music’ section. Here you are encouraged to close your eyes and listen to the music. This soundtrack was composed primarily of generic orchestral samples, chopped up and layered to fit together in a tense spiral of broken logic, evoking a neverending dance of mystery.

Same Old Song and Dance STILL

Ashes To Ashes

David to David

This cover version appeared on the David Bowie tribute album released by The Psychedelic Cherry. The album features many different artists from around the world, all acquainted through their collaborative work on HitRecord. In the days after Bowie’s death, May McDonough organised the tribute album and there were plenty of volunteers, we had all lost one of our greatest musical heroes. I had been playing Ashes To Ashes on the piano non-stop since I heard of Bowie’s death, so when the album was proposed I jumped on it. I liked it on the piano. No one can sing it like Bowie, and I don’t think the original mix can be topped. But the chords and vocal melody on their own exemplify just what a brilliant song it is, in case you ever managed to forget it or take the original version for granted.

I think this is going to keep playing the album. You should probably go back to the start and listen to the whole album, if that’s what’s happening now. Ashes to Ashes is track 7. I just set it to play at my track because… shameless self-promotion, obviously.

The May Company sent all the contributors a box of tapes


There is a lost David Nelligan album. It had eleven tracks. Due to various circumstances, it never got released. Or did it? No, it didn’t. The whole episode is shrouded in mystery… you should probably wait until the VH1 Behind The Music documentary for the full story. But some fragments of this album still exist as unlisted YouTube videos. Links to them are rare and hard to find. This song, ‘Nostalgia’, is one such fragment, an especially apt reflection on the fallibility of memory.

Perhaps some of the other fragments of that missing album are linked elsewhere on this site, in a sort of Easter egg hunt for the rabidly curious. See where the links go…

Comfort Zone

Yes, there’s already a page for Dark Matters. And yes, I can see how it’s problematic having separate ‘Music’ and ‘Video’ sections on a website that’s meant to showcase my audiovisual work. But check it out! Am I a clone or a quintuplet? What is this strange magic?

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