This is David Playing guitar at a gig in 2013. The photograph was taken by Petr StaryDavid Nelligan is an audiovisual person from Cork, Ireland. As a songwriter and performer, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist, he released some music. You should listen to it. His artistic pursuits saw him gaining a diverse skill-set across multiple media, from audio production to graphic design to writing to video production, motion graphics and animation.

David’s growing experience and technical skill led him to his masters studies in Digital Arts and Humanities at University College Cork. As part of this masters David established a music archive revival project, Hundred Years Late, which aimed to encourage engagement with archival resources and celebrate the roots of pop-culture. This project culminated in the release of Some Popular Songs From 1914: Arranged for Modern Sensibilities and Recorded Using Modern Methods, a 12-track album reworking hundred-year-old songs.

David is a member of the collaborative online community HitRecord, which is also a production company. Some of David’s musical contributions were used prominently in Season 2 of HitRecord on TV, now available on NetFlix. David also worked on animation for HitRecord, and motion graphics for several other production companies.

All these activities fed back into David’s masters dissertation, examining the implications of copyright law in a world of rapidly-changing technology, and the new creative practices stemming from widespread adoption of new tech platforms and socio-cultural constructs.

GIVE ME A SINEDavid has been making music under the name The David Nelligan Thing since 2011. Rock/folk/acoustic album Dark Matters was released in 2013, followed by electro-synth-pop EP Who Is Synthia?. The album Give Me A Sine came out in 2015, with a harder electronic sound. Short-film/music-video The Goldfish Controller (2015) was screened at Fastnet and Hayas International Film Festivals. TDNT audio/visual remains a catch-all name for film projects and music releases. As a live band, The David Nelligan Thing has featured luminary Cork musicians Andy Wilson, Joe Cusack, James Eliot Taylor, Noel Howard, Rory Dillon, Shane Murphy and Mark Fitzgerald.

David has played with lots of other bands including Carried By Waves, Painting By Numbers, Girls of Summer, and Mystery Guest Stars. David is currently slinging axe for the wonderful Pinhole.

David Nelligan and Salvador Dali in the middle of a discussion about surrealism...