Yes, okay, it’s been six months since I wrote anything on this website. That’s a good thing. That’s how you know I’m a real person and not a spambot. You’re here, for some reason. I didn’t share a link anywhere. What brought you here? Must be your rabid curiosity.

If you were hoping I was going to talk politics or what’s going on in the world, 1) what the hell is wrong with you? 2) why on earth would you be hoping that 3) no, just no. I will say this. It’s too insane. My words don’t work on it. Only gestures and multiplication can capture the zeitgeist. Facepalm x 1000. Pretty much every day this year, that’s how I sum up the news.

Yeah, this isn’t that kind of website. No news for now. I’d like to present some of my songs and videos, that’s all. And of course, gestures and multiplication in place of coherent current affairs coverage. Shrug times pi. That’s how we do round here.

You have wandered into the theatre while it’s still the dress rehearsal. I’ve been working on things behind the scenes, but I don’t have a show ready for you. I just went back and read what I wrote six months ago. I kind of had the same theatre metaphor but last time it was the backstage area and now, it’s the dress rehearsal. That’s some progress, right? The idea is to have this website looking somewhat presentable by the time I have an album, a music video, and a short film ready, which will happen some time next year. All these time-intensive projects should start bearing fruit at around the same time, and you, dear reader, will look very clever for knowing about the popular thing before it was popular. Or a thing.

Thanks for reading. And for now, try not to let the bots spam you too much. It’s all fun and games till someone loses a democracy.